When a landscape is designed by a professional, the plan becomes a direct reflection of the clients style.  
Whether you are a homeowner looking for a landscape plan to implement yourself, or a contractor looking to
out source your design work, you can feel confident that a landscape plan that is crafted by Michigan
Landscape Design Services will incorporate all of your ideas in a creative and unique way. All landscape plans
are drawn to scale, clearly labeled and can be supported with construction details as needed.

Landscape planning services include:

  •     Master plans.

  •     Drainage correction plans.

  •     Low voltage lighting plans.

  •     Theme garden design.

Benefits of a landscape plan include:

  • Accurate take offs for estimating.

  • Detailed planting layout.

  • Ability to phase projects, keeping
   one vision in mind.

The process.............................                                              

                          How it works: (Home owners):

The initial consultation usually lasts about 1 hour. We can meet on your site and discuss your thoughts, ideas
and feelings regarding your landscape and what you are looking to accomplish. At that point, we can review
a portfolio and try to match some of the projects from the past with your ideas of the present. If we feel
that we have a good fit, we will move into the design phase where a landscape plan will be generated.

If you are interested in installing the plan yourself, landscape consultation time can be purchased (see below) to
help you obtain that professional look. From material deliveries to construction details, a management
package can be assembled for your individual job to ensure the results you are looking for.

If you are looking for a contractor to do some or all of your installation, bid collection and project
management services are also offered.

                                                                How it works: (Contractors):

When it comes to your clients, you can feel confident that they will be handled in the most professional manor.
These clients are your clients and therefore, your reputation is on the line. The landscape plan that will  
be generated will be professional, clearly labeled and ready for presentation. It will also contain your
company logo adding your level of professionalism to the plan. If you are simply looking for a design
that can be done. If you would like to use other services such as  project management, consultation
and /or training, this can be arranged as the time line of your job progresses.

                                                                                 Typical clients:

  •  Landscape contractors.

  •  Homeowners.

  •  Business owners.

  •  Homeowners associations.

  •  Builders / Developers

  • Municipalities



On site consultation services are provided for those who need the advice and guidance of a trusted consultant.
Before scheduling the meeting, a 15 minute phone conversation will clarify your needs, streamlining the
process once the meeting begins at your site.

  * Consultation fees are based upon each individual project. The rate is 85.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

                                                                Typical consulting services:

  • Landscape planning / design.

  •  Review & analysis of existing blueprints & bids.

  • Bid collection and consulting services during construction.

  •  Landscape lighting.

  •  Landscape construction.

  •  Horticulture issues: Pruning, transplanting and maintenance

  •  Homeowner association needs.

                                                   EDUCATION -  TRAINING - SPEAKING

To inquire about a speaker for one of your events please contact us for a list of topics. If you have a
special need or request, a seminar can be custom tailored for your event. The sessions can ranges from
1 hour to 8 hours depending on the topic of discussion.

                                                                   Some of our topics include:

  • Integrating hard-scape's into your landscape.

  • Construction of various hard-scape elements: Paver's, Wall's and Pond's.

  • Adding color to your garden with perennials.

  • Sustainable landscaping at your home: Rain Gardens to rain barrels.

  • Designing your front yard - How to add curb appeal.

  • How to select plant material for your yard - What plant goes where?

                          LANDSCAPE LIGHTING INSTALLATION:

Its about the effect, not the fixture.....................

Keeping this philosophy in mind, your lighting system will be designed and installed using high quality fixtures
that provide brilliant effects.

When it comes to landscape lighting, there are 3 design principles to keep in mind:

1). Simplicity
2). Balance
3). Function.

'Exceeding expectations with outstanding landscape solutions'